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November 2011

Operation: Bahamas


Although The Bahamas is Florida's Atlantic neighbor, It is overseas ,filled with culture, great food, and of course beautiful beaches. Most definitely not Americanized. In addition to it all, 90% of my friends are in Florida making it easy for me to get a nice clique assembled to set out for these lovely islands. Flying was considered but a cruise seems much more fun and affordable. So my eyes are set for Royal Caribbean on May 7th en route to CocoCay and Nassau.

East of Nassau is a long uninhabited island called Rose Island. Just like the Dry Tortugas i saw this island on Google Earth. I hope to set foot here and enjoy all it has to offer. :)

-A. Perez

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A night and day in Tampa, again.

I pray i get this job out here.


Well im back in Tampa for the second time. Except im not here for a birthday or for fun. I have an interview tomorrow in Clearwater. I came to a point that expanding out to all of Florida for projects wasnt enough. That i would relocate if the job offers more than just money. So here i am in Tampa, again on my third overall interview hoping i dont get blowed off and waste my time once again especially considering the dedication to travel here just for this. I do like Tampa so its not like id drag myself out here. I would basically be starting over somewhat in my social circle WHICH i do want and need. I wouldnt mind it at all plus its time for change anyways.

Times are rough, and things are slowly becoming more and more straining and depressing. I shouldve been 20 in the 90s but then my 30s would suck even more having a potential family. Cant win. Im happy to be in Tampa though. Even for a night and day alone. I could use time away from the hell hole "city" of Deltona. Tho I may be the only one reading this, those who can or cant, wish me the best of luck in getting this web design job. I really need it to continue on to my goals of success and traveling.

-A. Perez

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Post Number One


Well I am very excited to join a travelers social network. I am here not only because I travel so much as it is but because i am very passionate about it. My grandparents started it all when they travels all over the eastern hemisphere through my grandmothers travel agency. Bowling tournaments also helped them travel a bit. Personal Interests as a kid til this day. 007 as he traveled the world in all his movies. Corny but true. Brought up by divorced parents led me into a rough child hood and teen hood. School was my way out. Eventually came the day May 6th of 2011, the day i graduated college. This day symbolized my freedom and future. Traveling has become my lifetime go. No limits. I want to go everywhere and i will do everything i can trying.

So far I have been to simple and local places including Cozumel, Cayman Is, and Dominican Republic. I have a goal to live life happily, have a successful web design business, meeting great people. The world is a large place and its meant to be seen.

-A. Perez

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